Strategic Partnerships

The NC Office of Strategic Partnerships enhances partnerships between state government and North Carolina’s renowned research and philanthropic sectors. This includes elevating the State’s internal capacity to use and generate evidence in its policy and programmatic functions.

We do this in part by building and enhancing collaborative networks of public officials, research partners, and partners from philanthropy and the nonprofit sector broadly. We prioritize partnerships that are scalable, sustainable, and develop public, open-source resources.

Strategic Partnerships is housed in the North Carolina Office of State Budget and Management, which includes data-driven and evidence-based decision making among its priorities.

Increasing connection and mutual understanding between philanthropy and the public sector is important even in the best of times. During the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s even more critical. The Office of Strategic Partnerships has been key to helping philanthropy stay connected and informed as the landscape rapidly evolves.


Ret Boney, Executive Director
North Carolina Network of Grantmakers

Working with the Strategic Partnerships initiative, the NC Department of Revenue has had the opportunity to identify our most important research questions and partners to work with on answering those questions. As the agency that funds the vital public services for the people of our state, we are eager to move forward on projects that focus on how we can support individuals, families, and business owners across North Carolina.


Secretary Ron Penny,
North Carolina Department of Revenue