All About Evidence

The core work of Strategic Partnerships is centered around using research and evidence to inform policy decisions. One example of this work is Opportunities for Applied Research with North Carolina State Government Agencies.

The office is involved in several state-level and national efforts to improve the collection and use of evidence in government decision-making, including but not limited to those listed below. 

Performance Management Advisory Committee

Governor Cooper in May 2018 issued Executive Order 43, creating the Performance Management Advisory Committee. The committee advises the Governor regarding progress on the Pew-MacArthur Results First Initiative; new performance management initiatives; proposed or pending state legislation; rules or policies related to performance management and strategies for increasing evidence-based policy efforts.

NC Results First

The NC Results First Initiative is a framework that relies on rigorous program evaluations and benefit-cost analysts to help identify programs that generate positive outcomes and maximize the value of taxpayer dollars for North Carolina. The Results First Initiative was developed in partnership by the MacArthur Foundation and Pew Charitable Trusts.

Resources for Evidence-Based Policy

The NC Office of Strategic Partnerships developed this list of resources for evidence-based policy to accompany "Becoming a Performance Managment Champion," the final session of the NC Performance Management Academy. The NC Office of State Budget and Management offered the Academy in October/November 2020. This list includes resources based in and outside of North Carolina and in and outside of government. All descriptions come directly from the corresponding website links. This list may be useful to individuals and organizations across a wide range of budget, policy, research, and practice issues. It is not intended to be comprehensive.