Directed Grants

The State Appropriations Act of 2021, as amended by S.L. 2021-189 and S.L. 2022-6, includes many legislatively directed grants. This page provides information about the grants and a database grant recipients can use to locate contact information for each grant's administrator. 

All information provided in the directed grants database should be deemed reliable but not guaranteed. For the most accurate information consult the North Carolina General Assembly and S.L. 2021-180, the Appropriations Act and the Committee Report, and  SL 2021-189 and S.L. 2022-6

Recipients should look closely at 1) which state agency is administering their award and 2) the source of funds for the award.   

Additional information including required forms and a general overview of the process to receive a grant is provided in the FAQ section of this page. For information on the general requirements of Directed Grants, please see the State Budget Manual Section 3.15


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