Log Into North Carolina (LINC) is an interactive data retrieval service containing historical information for over 900 data items and a variety of geographic areas within the state. Topics include population, labor force, education, transportation, revenue, agriculture, vital statistics, energy and utilities, and other topics for a variety of geographic areas within the state. Most data are available for the state and all 100 counties. Some items are available for municipalities. Others, especially census data, may be retrieved for tracts and townships.

NEW: LINC is evolving with new data and enhanced features to include data visualization, bulk data downloads, and mapping! The new version of LINC allows the public to view data but also allows registered users to save visualizations and receive notifications of dataset updates.

The new version of LINC is still a work in progress, and your experiences and suggestions will improve the final product. Please visit and share any feedback you have.

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Introduction to the State Demographer Data on LINC

February 15, 2022

Introduction to LINC - navigating the new LINC