Report Fraud Waste Abuse

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You can reduce and prevent fraud in our state government. Tips and complaints are the most common way that investigators find fraud.

When you report any suspected incidents of fraud, waste, or abuse, there are state laws that grant you Whistleblower Protection.  

  • State Employees: State law requires that you report fraud and the law protects you from retaliation. (§126-84;126-85
  • Everyone: State law keeps your identity confidential and it will NOT be released to the public. (§143-748
    • You could report an anonymous tip without your name or contact information. 
      But the investigation could end if we cannot contact you for more details.


What incidents should I report? 

These are examples of fraud, waste, and abuse that you should report now.

  • Suspected theft or misuse of State property
  • Overcharging for products and services purchased at a lower rate
  • Billing for services never rendered
  • Double-billing or charging more than once for the same service
  • Intentional misuse of funds for other purposes
  • Conflicts of interest and ethics violations
  • Falsification of official documents (timesheets, leave reports, etc.)
  • Any other suspected fraud, waste, or abuse of State resources.


What information should I provide?

It is very important you provide as much detailed information about the incident as possible. For example you should include:

  • (WHO) the identity of the person, company, or organization.
  • (WHAT) a description of the fraud, waste, or abuse that happened.
  • (WHERE) which agency, programs, or individuals were affected.
  • (WHEN) dates these incidents happened.
  • (HOW) how did you learn about these events.
  • (MORE INFO) Please identity any potential witnesses.
    Please list the name and location of any supporting documents and information. 


How to report Fraud, Waste, or Abuse

There are three methods to provide information to our office.  You can use the web form, send an Email, or mail the information to our office.

The web form below is the easiest way to report your tips of fraud, waste, or abuse. Just scroll down and complete the questions below.  This option does not allow you to provide supporting documents.

If you want to submit supporting documents, you must use this email 

or you can mail your tip and documents to:

OSBM Internal Audit
MCS 20320
Raleigh, NC 


For DHHS allegations -- if your tip is about the NC Department of Health and Human Services, please directly email DHHS at this address:



Report An Incident NOW

Remember: State law protects your identity but you may remain anonymous. 
All questions below are optional, except for the incident description and the name of the state agency or persons affected. 

Indicates required field

If unknown or not applicable, type "N/A." 

Your relationship to the Department

Specific office, facility, program, etc.

Name of individuals, position, title, etc. 

What is the general nature of this allegation?

Hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard while making selection to choose more than one answer. 

How did you become aware of this allegation?

Be sure to tell us WHO is involved, WHAT happened, WHERE the incident occurred, WHEN were the specific or approximate dates and times, HOW LONG the problem has been going on, and any ADDITIONAL INFO like the names of other potential witness, the name and location of any files and documents, etc.