State Data Center

The State Data Center is a consortium of agencies cooperating with the US Bureau of the Census to provide the public with data about the state and its component geographic areas. The SDC lead agency is located in the Demographic and Economic Analysis Section of OSBM, where it provides extensive resources for retrieving statistical information.

Three state-level coordinating agencies work closely with the lead agency:

Local Affiliates -- Seventeen regional affiliates, ten public libraries, and six associated agencies serve data users in their service area. Seven academic affiliates offer specific subject expertise, such as agriculture and economics.

For more, see our Guide to the State Data Center and our History.


NC State Data Center

To provide efficient access to US Census data and products, provide training and technical assistance to data users, and provide feedback to the Census Bureau on data usability, state and local government data needs, and operational issues.

The State Data Center supports the legislative mandate of G.S. 143C-2-2 regarding the collections of state statistics.


National SDC Program

Agencies look to the NC SDC for best practices in collecting, analyzing, searching for, archiving, describing, and presenting data both in static files and delivered on the web from database applications.

Guide to the NC State Data Center