Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a long-term, future-oriented process of assessment, goal setting, and decisionmaking. A strategic plan sets the course for what an agency will do over the next two to five years and how it will achieve its desired results. At its core, strategic planning is about influencing the future rather than preparing or adapting to it.

Our team at OSBM assists state agencies with their strategic planning in a variety of ways. 

**All agencies are required to submit strategic plans as part of the budget development process. Budget expansion requests must clearly support goals included in the agency’s strategic plan to be considered in future budget recommendations from the Governor's office. 

Facilitation Services

OSBM analysts offer facilitation services to agency strategic planning and/or executive management teams for various types of working sessions. Using facilitation best practices, these services enable the proper design, execution, documentation, and follow-up actions for these sessions. Specifically, OSBM can help facilitate brainstorming sessions, environmental scans, S.W.O.T analysis, and Vision Statement and Organization Values review and development.   

Consultative Services 

OSBM analysts offer agencies external consultant services to provide access to deeper levels of expertise throughout the strategic planning process. Examples of these services include the development of performance measures, feedback on strategic plan proposals, and assistance with various planning processes/tools such as affinity mapping.

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