Miscellaneous Management Studies

Title Linked Documents? Date Published
North Carolina Housing Programs No March 2014
Inmate Road Squads and Litter Crews Final Report No March 2012
North Carolina's Driver Education Program No November 2010
Human Resources/Payroll Position Transfer Report No November 2009
BEACON Data Integration Initiative Semi Annual Report No April 2009
Study of State Assistance to Veterans Service Programs No March 2009
Analysis of Lapsed Salaries No February 2009
Statewide Logistics Plan for North Carolina Appendices May 2008
Analysis of Lapse Salary Use FY 2003 - FY 2007 No April 2008
Study of State Workers' Compensation Program No March 2008
Inmate Road Squads and Litter Crews No March 2008
Program Evaluation Work Plan for FY 2007-08 No December 2007
State Energy Office Needs Assessment No February 2007
Cost Study - Collecting Civil Penalties for Public Schools No May 2006
University System Study of Distance Education No May 2006
Cost Study - DNA Testing and Analysis No March 2006
Cost Study - Providing Criminal Records Checks No March 2006
Overhead Cost Recovery No March 2006
Lease Purchase and Installment Purchase Activity No March 2006
Study of the Operations of the State Motor Fleet Management System No October 2003
Evaluation of the Delegation of Construction Authority to The University of NC System for Projects Less Than $500,000 No October 2003
Evaluation of the Effectiveness and Efficiency of the Increase of the Purchasing Benchmark No October 2003
Final Report - Governor's Commission To Modernize State Finances No January 2003
Final Report - Governor's Commission To Promote Government Efficiency And Savings On State Spending No January 2003
Final Report of the NC Efficiency and Loophole-Closing Commission No October 2003