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The 2020 Census Demographic Profile and Demographic and Housing Characteristic datasets provide rich detail into North Carolina's communities.

The Hispanic population is younger than other population segments. What does that mean for the state's demographics decades from now?

The Hispanic population in North Carolina hasn’t just grown in the last three decades. Where the Hispanic population lives is also evolving.

Since the 1990s, the Hispanic population has been the fastest growing population demographic in North Carolina. New demographic data explores characteristics of this population segment.

The Government Research Partnership Learning Forum, hosted by the NC Office of Strategic Partnerships, provided a unique, real-time opportunity to connect and learn about existing work and potential future collaborations. Here's why that matters.

OSBM now provides age-specific population estimates and projections for Hispanic/Non-Hispanic populations in North Carolina and North Carolina counties.

The US Census Bureau recently released new definitions of urban areas. What does this change mean for North Carolina?

The State Demographer's latest population projections show North Carolina will reach 14.0 million people by 2050 – adding 3.5 million people from July 1, 2021 to July 1, 2050, a 32.7% increase.

The latest population estimates published by the US Census Bureau show North Carolina’s growth in the past year exceeded the average annual growth during the previous decade.

State Budget Director Kristin Walker shares perspective on her new role and the road ahead for OSBM as she takes leadership of the state budget office.

Tips to help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of data profiles, dashboards and other data compilations.

Decisionmakers rely on population projections of children when planning for schools and housing, services, and amenities. Projections of the young child population demonstrate changes ahead for North Carolina.

Census Bureau's American Community Survey, 2016-2020 shows North Carolina foreign-born population comes from across the world.

An overview of the Count Question Resolution process for government jurisdictions who may want to request a review of their Census 2020 count.

An explanation of the difference between population counts, estimates and projections. Comparing US Census Bureau data to state data sources and when to use which data source.