Register of Deeds Grant Program

OSBM is administering a Register of Deeds Grants Program as appropriated by the North Carolina General Assembly in Section 24.6 of the Current Operations Appropriations Act of 2023 (SL 2023-134). 

County Registers of Deed may use grant funds for the preservation of historical records and files. Allowable uses of the funds include, but are not limited to, document restoration, reparation, deacidification, and placement in protected archival binders. Funds may be used for document digitization only if the original documents will continue to be maintained and preserved.

The maximum grant each office may receive in the first round of funding is $2,000. Grantees must provide a 100% match for grant funds. 

Application Process

Apply here

Applicants must have a free Smartsheet account to complete the application. 

In addition, applicants must submit a W-9 and Electronic Payment Form.

Application deadline is April 25, 2024.

Upload Instructions for W9 and Electronic Payment Forms

  1. Office of the State Controller's Substitute W-9 Form 
  2. Vendor Electronic Payment Form 
    • Include supporting document verifying the account number provided on Vendor Electronic Payment Form (i.e. voided check, bank statement, letter from bank)
    • If you received a grant from the state before and plan to change your banking information, be sure to correctly fill out your Prior Financial Information 
  3. When uploading documents, please name them with your county name and document type i.e., WakeW9, WakeEP.

All documents should be submitted via this upload link

Reporting Requirements 

Recipients will provide a quarterly report until all the grant funds are expended. Reporting deadlines are as follows:

April 10 for expenditures made January 1 – March 31
July 10 for expenditures made April 1 – June 30
October 10 for expenditures made July 1 – September 30
January 10 for expenditures made October 1 – December 31

If a report due date falls on the weekend, the submission deadline is automatically extended until Monday.

Technical Assistance for Register of Deeds Offices

If your office needs technical assistance with record preservation, we encourage you to contact the Government Records Section of the State Archives.