CRIS is a Web-enabled database resource of agency-provided descriptive information about state-administered grant programs that disburse funds to non-state entities. CRIS was originally developed in 1996 in response to legislation requiring the OSBM to compile and publish a catalog of state grant-in-aid programs. OSBM developed a user interface, both for data entry and searching. In 2004, the scope of CRIS was narrowed to state-administered grant programs that disburse funds to non-state entities (for CRIS reporting, local governments are not considered to be non-state entities). Universities are exempt from CRIS reporting except for major financial aid programs that are funded by state appropriations.

CRIS is a database of grant programs, not individual grants. It enables local governments, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, state agencies, legislators, and citizens to locate quickly sources for government grants. It also assists the OSBM in understanding the intent, scope, and funding of grants programs and in providing oversight as required by state statute and administrative rules.

Grant descriptions in CRIS include the following information: department name, division name, section name, grant program name, grant program description, grantee eligibility, agency Web page link, state budget code/fund code, state fund amount (dollars), federal fund amount (dollars), other fund amount (dollars), report period, subject keywords, and type of assistance. CRIS captures information at a point-in-time and does not maintain historical data. Agencies may include more detailed information about the grant programs on their own Web sites and link to these specific Web pages from individual CRIS records.

State agencies administering grant programs that provide funding to non-profit groups are required to register with CRIS. For information on how to register, state agencies should send an e-mail message to

New Grants Management System

Effective Wednesday, August 30, 2017, at 5:00 PM, the CRIS and NCGrants systems will be frozen. No changes or additions will be allowed after that time. Beginning September 5, 2017, OSBM will be launching a new Grants Management System, combining both CRIS and NCGrants functions.

All actions currently required in the existing CRIS and NCGrants systems will be entered in the new system. The old CRIS system will be shut down and the old NCGrants system will no longer be maintained or supported; however, existing users of the old NCGrants system may log in to view historical information as needed.

For more information regarding the transition to the new system, please see the memo that was sent out on July 19, 2017.

State agency users needing to access the new Grants Management System will need to log in with a user id and password.  If you do not yet have a user id and password, please download and complete the CRIS and NCGrants Access Authorization Form.

Link to Grants Management System

CRIS and NCGrants Access Authorization Form