Population Estimates Timeline

The annual population estimates program begins when the Census Bureau publishes the current year’s July 1st population estimate for North Carolina. With some modification, this state estimate serves as the basis for the State Demographer’s county and municipal population estimates. The US Census Bureau also prepares county and municipal population estimates. Here are the key dates and activities of the annual population estimates program: 

KEY: *=Census Bureau estimates; #=State Demographer

*December: US Census Bureau publishes state population estimates for July 1st of the current year.

*March: US Census Bureau’s publishes annual county population estimates

#May: State Demographer sends e-mails/letters to municipalities/counties requesting confirmation of local contact information for annual survey.

*May: US Census Bureau publishes annual population estimates for municipalities and housing unit estimates for counties.

*June: US Census Bureau publishes annual population estimates by Age, Sex, Race, and Hispanic Origin for Counties.

#Late June: State Demographer sends e-mail invitations to local contacts asking them to respond to the North Carolina Demographic Information Survey.

#End of 3rd full week in July: Last day for counties and municipalities to respond to the annual survey.

#Late August/Early September: State Demographer sends e-mail invitation to municipalities and counties to review the preliminary standard and certified population estimates for their respective areas;

#September 8: Last day that municipalities and counties can comment on the preliminary population estimates;

#September 15: State Demographer finalizes certified and standard population estimates for municipalities and counties and delivers to NC Department of Transportation and Department of Revenue

#September 30: State Demographer publishes county and municipal population estimates to demography.osbm.nc.gov;

#September 30: The State Demographer will send letters only to those municipalities and counties where there are substantial changes from the preliminary to the final population estimates.  All others may review their final estimates at: North Carolina Demographic Information Survey (see the review screen) or access the estimates online at demography.osbm.nc.gov.

#November: State Demographer publishes Population Projections for counties and the state at demography.osbm.nc.gov

*December: US Census Bureau publishes state population estimates for July 1st of the current year to begin the next cycle.


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