State Demographer

What is the State Demographer's Office?

The State Demographer's Office at OSBM is responsible for producing state, county, and municipal population estimates and state and county population projections.

As a member of the Federal State Cooperative Program for Population Estimates (FSCPE) and the Federal-State Cooperative for Population Projections (FSCPP), the State Demographer's Office assists the Census Bureau in its own estimates of North Carolina municipal and county populations by collecting input data and reviewing preliminary population estimates. See the Timeline for Population Estimates and the 2020 Census for more information on how the 2020 Census counts will be reported and incorporated in future population estimates. 

The State Demographer also serves as a resource for OSBM and other agencies by providing advice, occasional analytical reports, and presentations regarding the implications of population and demographic change. OSBM has a legislative mandate for creating official demographic estimates for statewide budgeting. 

The State Budget Manual provides insight into the statutory requirements of the State Demographer's Office and how the data is used by the State of NC.

How are the Data Used?

The annual certified estimates of the population of North Carolina counties and municipalities are used in the distribution of state shared revenues to local governments. In addition, the State Demographer produces standard and revised municipal and county population estimates and county and state population projections used for long range planning by state agencies, regional and local governments and other entities. The county population estimates and projections are available by age, race, Hispanic origin, and sex.

How Does the State Demographer Develop the Estimates & Projections?

To produce estimates and projections, the State Demographer develops and enhances complex mathematical computer models, and collects and reviews a variety of data from federal, state, and local government sources.

Information about annexations, building activity, and select institutional populations are collected annually from North Carolina municipalities and counties through the North Carolina Demographic Survey.

What Demographic Data are Available from the State Demographer? 

The State Demographer provides a demography data platform where you can access Census data and data products created by the State Demographer.  To request demographic data or a special presentation by the State Demographer, please contact us at

To access U.S. Census Bureau population and socioeconomic data, see Census data and Log Into North Carolina.