Agency Timeline

FY 2022-23 Budget Closeout and Capital Deadlines

Date Closeout/Capital Action
May 26, 2023 Capital Capital Budget Code Closure Requests Due​
June 2 Closeout Deadline to encumber funds​
June 5 Capital All June Capital Allotments Due​
June 9 Closeout Preliminary carryforward request estimates due
June 19 Capital All Capital Improvement budget reports certified
July 3 Closeout Final Carryforward requests submitted to OSBM​
Mid July Closeout OSBM approves and notifies agencies/universities 


FY 2023-25 Budget Development Key Dates

Dates Base Budget/Change Budget Action
September 30 Base Budget 2023-25 Base Budget Instructions issued
October 6 Base Budget Base Budget Instructions Training, 1:00 p.m.
October 7 Base Budget Draft Base Budget documents available for agency review.  RK 314 Report available for agency review
October 17 Base Budget Agencies notify OSBM of 2022-23 approved budget revisions to include or exclude in Base Budget document (based on RK 314)
October 25 Base Budget Agencies submit requested updates to fund purpose statements to OSBM
November 9 Change Budget IT Request Survey training at agency Chief Information Officers meeting
November 10 Base Budget Agencies submit revisions adjusting receipts based on receipts analysis to OSBM
November 10 Change Budget Long Session Change Budget Instructions Training for agencies, 10 - 11:30 a.m. OSBM offices, Administration Building 
November 15 Change Budget Capital Budget Instructions Training for agencies, 10:30-11:30 at OSBM offices, Administration Building
November 17 Base Budget Agencies submit revisions adjusting Salary Reserve/personnel expenditures and intra-governmental transfers to OSBM
November 23 Base Budget Agencies submit all Worksheet I entries and budget restructuring plans to OSBM
December 2 Change Budget Agency Budget Change (ABC) Lists for operating items and IT Request Surveys due
December 9 Change Budget ABC Lists for Capital and Repairs and Renovations items due
December 16 Base Budget All approved budget revisions needed in Base Budget finalized/approved.  All Base Budget (Worksheet I) entries finalized/approved.  2023-25 Base Budget Recommendation finalized/complete
January 11 Change Budget Final Worksheets IIs, Worksheet II-EZs, Worksheet IIIs, OC-25s, and Special Provision outline forms due
February 13 Change Budget Special Provision language due

*Schedule updated 11/07/2022

FY 2022-23 Budget Certification

August 12, 2022     State agency and university certification entries are due to OSBM.
See instructions for more information.