Agency Timeline


2021-23 Base Budget Preparation Key Dates/Deadlines (all 2020 calendar year)

Date Base/Change Action
Sept  28 Base Base Budget Instructions Memo Issued
Oct 2 Base Base Budget Instructions Training, via Microsoft Teams, Presentation video
Oct 2 Base Draft Base Budget Documents Available for Agency Review.  RK 314 Report Available for Agency Review.
Oct 9 Base Agencies Notify OSBM of 2020-21 Approved Budget Revisions to Include or Exclude in Base Budget Document (based on RK 314).  Agencies must notify OSBM of any  subsequent approved budget revisions to include in the Base Budget.
Oct 23 Base Agencies Submit Requested Updates to Fund Purpose Statements to OSBM
Nov 6 Base Agencies Submit Revisions Adjusting Receipts based on Receipts Analysis to OSBM
Nov 13 Base Agencies Submit Revisions Adjusting Salary Reserve/Personnel Expenditures and Intra-Governmental Transfers to OSBM
Nov 20 Base Agencies Submit All Worksheet I Entries (with appropriate justification/attachments) and Budget Restructuring Plans to OSBM
Dec 18 Base All Approved Budget Revisions Needed in Base Budget Finalized/Approved.  All Base Budget (Worksheet I) Entries Finalized/Approved.  2021-23 Base Budget Recommendation Finalized/Complete.