About OSBM

The North Carolina Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM) is tasked with delivering the highest quality statewide budgetary, management, and information services to advise the Governor, state agencies, and the legislature on the most effective use of public resources. The services that OSBM provides reflect the needs of North Carolina’s state budget cycle, including: budget development, budget certification, and budget execution. Additionally, OSBM offers tools to support decision-making by conducting management studies, strategic planning analyses, fiscal note review for rulemaking, and internal audits. The Office also collects and analyzes economic and demographic data, including providing support for the decennial Census. We also offer IT support for various state budgeting systems.

A balanced budget is required by our Constitution and by principles of responsible governance. In a typical fiscal year, the State will collect more than $23 billion in taxes from North Carolina citizens and businesses. Through the budget, it is our duty to ensure the most effective and efficient use of public resources.


To professionally serve North Carolinians by providing objective information and analysis to ensure a balanced budget and effective stewardship of public resources.


We are an innovative team committed to public service, responsible fiscal management, and insightful analysis.