This hotline provides a confidential avenue to report allegations of wrongdoing pertaining to fraud, waste, and abuse of State assets.

There are two methods for reporting your complaint, anonymously or in confidence. Anonymously requires no name or contact information. However; in some cases, failure to identify yourself may make it difficult to investigate the complaint. If you provide your name and contact information it will remain confidential and will not be release to others or used in any public documents. All complaints are kept confidential under General Statute §143-748 and not subject to the public records law. If you provide your name, we will only contact you at the times you provide below.

Please provide as much relevant and specific details as possible in your complaint. Items you should provide include the identity of the person, company, or organization alleged to have engaged in wrongdoing; a description of the alleged impropriety; the agency and program affected by the alleged misconduct; date(s) of alleged wrongdoing; how you are aware of the alleged impropriety; the identity of potential witnesses; and the identity and location of supporting documentation.

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