Fee Report Instructions

Instructions - Fiscal Year 2022-23

G.S. 143C-9-4 mandates that state agencies, boards, and commissions submit a complete report of all funds received during the fiscal year for the use of a property, the provision of a service, or the exercise of a regulated privilege.  This information is collected and compiled by OSBM into an annual Fee Report.  

The web-based NC Fee Report collection system will be open for data entry Monday, April 8, 2024 and should be completed by Friday, May 10, 2024

Getting Started

If you are new the the Fee Reporting process, we recommend watching this OSBM webinar on the Fee Report and how to report data. Review the training slides for an overview of Fee Report requirements

Each Fee Report contact at the agency / board / commission will be sent a link to the online spreadsheet collection form in the Smartsheet application.  You are welcome to share this link with others in your organization if multiple people need to edit the data. 

The spreadsheet contains one row for each Fee with columns that collect data about that fee. When possible, information from the prior year’s Fee Report has been defaulted into the spreadsheet.  All defaulted information should be checked and updated as needed.  

All rows require that the following new information be provided for the fiscal year:  

  • the number of times the fee was collected in FY2022-23 
  • the total dollar amount collected for that fee in FY2022-23 

You may Add new rows to provide a listing for a fee not shown by default. 

A fee that is no longer needed can indicated on the column labeled “Check box if Fee should be deleted.”   

All data provided will be incorporated into a report that is sent to the Legislature and posted publicly.  Please be aware of spelling and grammar. 

Data Definitions

Data definitions for each column of the Smartsheet Fee Report collection spreadsheet can be found in this Fee Report Data Definitions document.  

Important fields to note: 

Number Collected - This Fee Only

  • The value represents the number of times the fee described on the row was collected during FY 2022-23. 
  • If your collection period was different than the fiscal year, please note that in the Comments column. 

Amount Collected - This Fee Only

  • The value represents the dollar amount collected in FY 2022-23 for the fee described on that row. 
  • If your collection period was different than the fiscal year, please note that in the Comments column. 

NCAS Amount  -  Total for All Fees in Account 

  • This value represents the amount reported for the entire Budget Code / Fund Code / Account Code combination in NCAS. 
  • This value is NOT editable. 
  • If there are several fees under the same Budget Code / Fund Code / Account Code structure, this number may be repeated on each row.  This is by design. 

For Organizations with a Large Number of Fees 

Because Smartsheet has standard spreadsheet features, you can copy and paste between rows, or drag down to copy across rows. 

You can use the filter on the toolbar to filter by Budget Code, Fund Code or Account Code.  Or you can create your own filters. 

Smartsheet History Tracking 

Smartsheet automatically tracks all changes to the spreadsheet.  Each time a cell is adjusted, the system will record the value that changed along with the user that made the change. 


For assistance, contact the Fee Reports team or call 984-236-0650.