Press Releases

Almost all* state agencies and universities have an internal auditing program of some kind. Yet, many people are unfamiliar with the role the internal auditors play for the state and in their own organization.  

The North Carolina Council of Internal Auditing has selected Derek Allred, Chief Audit Officer for the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, as the 2022 Internal Audit Award of Excellence recipient.

Last month 30 employees representing nine state agencies completed the Perfo

The addition of a Chief Scientist in the state budget office will strengthen the central role of evidence-based evaluation in state government decision-making. North Carolina is the first state with a dedicated role within the budget office focused on using scientific methods to help inform program and policy decisions.

Results for America highlighted North Carolina as a leading state in using evidence and data to deliver better results for North Carolinians. 

OSBM announced eight projects have been selected to receive NC Evaluation Fund grants. The grants fund research partnerships to collect and analyze data state agencies can use to make evidence-informed decisions. The grant awards totaled nearly $1 million.

OSBM is developing a Certified State Budget Professional Certification program and requests applications from state educational institutions.

OSBM administers the NC Evaluation Fund grants to help state agencies conduct research to inform policy and program decisions. One month remains for agencies to apply.

Today marks a new milestone for the state’s Council of Internal Auditing as newly-appointed State Controller Nels Roseland took the helm chairing the Council for the first time.

May is Internal Audit Awareness Month. The state of North Carolina celebrated the importance of its internal auditors with a proclamation issued by Governor Roy Cooper.