Operationalizing Enterprise Risk Management How to Design, Build, Implement, Lead & Maintain an Effective Enterprise Risk Management Program


Wednesday, February 15, 2023 – Winter Webinar Series Program 4 of 6

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11 AM Eastern (10 AM Central / 9 Mountain / 8 AM Pacific)


2.0 CPE credits in Auditing


Guest Presenter: Elena Yearly




The concept of risk management affects all of us every day. But many business leaders view enterprise, operational and program risk management in a negative light. In reality, having effective risk identification processes in place allow us to look at business risks from a positive perspective as we find opportunities to plug holes and improve results.


In this session we’ll approach ERM from a practical perspective. We’ll review what has and has not worked in ERM initiatives, and analyze ERM results as organizations of all sizes built risk management operational solutions tailored to their unique needs. Real-world case study examples will be provided. Last, we’ll examine the human side of ERM to make ERM efforts a positive experience for all involved – not just another ‘check the box’ or compliance exercise




  • Understand the relationship between strategic planning, enterprise risk management and internal controls 
  • Identify the difference between traditional risk management and enterprise risk management
  • Build a risk management mindset into your operations 
  • Discover how risk identification opens up opportunities for process improvement
  • Establish a roadmap for proper and practical implementation of enterprise risk management into your operations




  • Internal audit, government audit, and assurance professionals
  • Managers interested in building an effective risk management culture
  • Board members, Chief Risk Officers, and all other C-Level leaders
  • Risk management process owners and their teams
  • Certified Public Accountants and Consultants leading client risk management projects