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Wednesday, March 1, 2023 – Winter Webinar Series Program 5 of 6

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11 AM Eastern (10 AM Central / 9 Mountain / 8 AM Pacific)


2.0 CPE credits in Auditing


Presenter: John J. Hall, CPA




Root Cause Analysis and Critical Thinking (RCA & CT) – theoretical concepts that too often get tossed around the auditing and wider management environment without sufficient attention to what they actually mean. As a result, the related daily skills aren’t fully developed nor the benefits realized.


In this session, we’ll quickly define what Root Cause Analysis and Critical Thinking are intended to mean, plus identify the skills and related benefits to auditors, analysis experts and day to day business managers at every level. Come prepared to examine your own beliefs and habits that fall under the RCA & CT umbrella of skills – and to build new muscle memory actions that fully utilize the power of these two closely related skill areas.




  • Explore the key questions implicit in any Root Cause Analysis effort
  • Discover Critical Think Attributes
  • Understand the logical connections between ideas
  • Analyze how to identify, construct & evaluate arguments
  • Recognize how to see inconsistencies & mistakes in our own and others’ reasoning
  • Brainstorm how to solve problems Better!
  • Assess your own Root Cause Analysis and Critical Thinking skills




  • Government and internal auditors
  • Chief Financial Officers and their teams
  • CPAs and Chartered Accountants
  • Certified Fraud Examiners
  • Executives and business owners
  • Board members and their advisors in any organization
  • Business journalists