OSBM is responsible for ensuring uniform administration of State grants by all grantor State agencies and grantees or sub-grantees. OSBM maintains the NCGrants reporting system to assist grant recipients and state granting agencies in managing grant funds in accordance with G.S. 143C-6-23 and 09 NCAC 03M. These statutes and administrative rules cover the disbursement and use of State funds to non-State entities, including federal funds that flow through the state treasury. Through NCGrants, grantees file required reports online and state agencies monitor and review grantees for compliance with state requirements.

OSBM also maintains the Suspension of Funding List (SOFL) for non-compliant grant recipients. The SOFL is updated on a weekly basis.

OSBM manages the Community Resource Information System (CRIS) to help local communities obtain information about state government financial assistance programs and other services.

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