NC IBIS Help Desk

If you have an urgent issue, and are unable to reach your agency’s OSBM Budget Analyst, you may enter an IBIS support ticket by using this form: This form will walk you through the details needed for the issue report so that all information is collected up-front, minimizing back-and-forth delays in email.  It will also send a copy of your issue to your OSBM Budget Analyst.

You may also email the issue to directly.  Please make sure to copy your OSBM Budget Analyst on the email.

With either contact method, it’s important to include the specific details about the issue. Please include information such as Budget Code, Budget Fund, Account Code, etc.  A screenshot with the problem highlighted also helps us quickly focus on the location and nature of the issue.  

The IBIS Support team will work to answer your question or resolve the issue and will contact you with the resolution as quickly as possible. Help desk support hours of operation are 8:00am – 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.