Resources for Getting Involved

Monthly Connect – The Strategic Partnerships Monthly Connect is a series of virtual and in-person (pre-COVID-19) panel discussions on topics relevant to partnerships among state government, research institutions including colleges/universities, philanthropy, and others. The Monthly Connect series is open to anyone interested in attending.

Agency Contacts for Partnerships and Research – Designated "points of entry" for college, university, and other research institution representatives who need an initial contact for potential partnerships such as research projects, grant proposals, and other collaborative opportunities.

College and University Contacts for Partnerships and Research – State government agencies often seek expertise and potential partners from universities, colleges, and other research institutions. Communications and news offices, government relations, external affairs, and other campus offices at colleges and universities can be a useful place to start. North Carolina has over 100 institutions of higher education – including public and private universities and colleges, and community colleges. 

To learn more about identifying expertise and potential research partners, watch the NC Office of Strategic Partnerships Monthly Connect: Identifying Expertise at Colleges and Universities (password: Monthlyconnect1). 

Research & Development Office (North Carolina Department of Transportation) – Oversees transportation-related research for the Department. The Office solicits ideas and proposals, oversees the selection process, and manages all State Planning and Research funded research projects. 

NC State University Partnership Portal – The Office of Partnerships at NC State University developed a partnership portal for external entities to showcase opportunities, such as research projects, product testing, design challenges and other specialized needs. Opportunities submitted to the portal will be distributed to NC State faculty so they can submit tailored proposals to solve these challenges.

UNC-Chapel Hill Campus Coordination for State Government and University Partnerships – The ncIMPACT Initiative coordinates the process of state agencies requesting assistance from UNC-Chapel Hill and/or information about services/expertise, as well as the University's response(s) to those requests from relevant schools and units. As policy engagement director, Emily Gangi is the primary contact for state agencies and serves as liaison to identified contacts in various UNC-CH schools and units. She may be reached at and (919) 966-4253. 

How to Start Strong with Research-Government Partnerships (APPAM) - There is wide-spread enthusiasm for the creation of cross-sector partnerships yet little guidance on how to start effective partnerships. This webinar highlighted strategies for how to develop, launch, and maintain meaningful partnerships to improve policy implementation and program outcomes. 

Speakers focused on actionable strategies that address common challenges researchers and government officials face when approaching each other about possible partnership. They shared examples to illustrate tactics for identifying a viable project, fostering productive communication, aligning expectations, troubleshooting partnership challenges, and creating mutually useful partnership deliverables. 

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