Philanthropy Liaison

The Office of Strategic Partnerships and partners in philanthropy created the Philanthropy Liaison role to build, strengthen, and institutionalize relationships between state government and the philanthropic sector in North Carolina. Established in 2021, the Liaison helps identify and broker strategic partnerships between the two sectors to improve and enhance the well-being of North Carolinians. 

The Philanthropy Liaison works with philanthropy and state government to:  

  • Educate each sector about the other;  

  • Connect and foster relationships and partnerships; and   

  • Collaborate on projects of shared interest across the state.  

The Philanthropy Liaison is not a grant writer for the state; rather, the Liaison helps state government and philanthropy spot potential opportunities to leverage resources (including, but not limited to, expertise, relationships, and capital) for greater impact. 

Click here for additional information about the role of the North Carolina Philanthropy Liaison. 

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