Regulatory Analysis & Impact Analyses

OSBM reviews the fiscal and regulatory impact analysis of permanent rule changes proposed by State Executive Branch agencies. OSBM bases its approval of the analyses on the requirements in the Administrative Procedure Act and Executive Order No. 70 (as amended by Executive Order No. 48), and the instructions in the State Budget Manual (section 7). After OSBM review, the Rules Review Commission, supported by the Office of Administrative Hearings, conducts a review for legal authorization and clarity.

Regulatory Analysis Training Slides
The latest slides used to present the process for building and approving the agency rule analysis and fiscal note. Please note that the State Budget Manual instructions and the Regulatory Analysis Training Slides are currently being updated to reflect recent changes to the Administrative Procedure Act. If you have any comments or questions regarding the requirements, please submit them at

Submit a Regulatory Analysis for OSBM Review

View OSBM Approved Regulatory Impact Analyses
Note: After OSBM approval, a rule change must still pass through the rest of the rulemaking process before it can become effective.

North Carolina Register - view proposed and final rule changes

Should you have any questions concerning the above materials or the responsibilities of the OSBM in regulatory oversight please contact:

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