Budget 101

OSBM is authorized to develop the Governor's Recommended Budget and to certify and execute the budget enacted by the General Assembly.

Budget development

OSBM defines the budget process and prepares and presents the governor's financial plan, which reflects the priorities of the state and balances needs with available resources. Typically, budget information is presented for continuation of operations, expansion, and capital improvements.

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Budget execution

OSBM formally certifies the legislatively enacted budget and administers the budget to ensure that appropriations are expended for the authorized purposes.

North Carolina's constitution requires that the budget enacted by the general assembly be balanced and include two fiscal years, beginning on July 1 of each odd-numbered year. In the second year of the biennium, OSBM develops the Governor's Recommended Adjustments to the biennial budget, and for each year the office prepares a post-legislative summary of the enacted budget.

Program budgeting

OSBM is committed to emphasizing measurable results as an integral part of budgeting. The office is advancing program budgeting to encourage efficient and effective management of state resources.

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