Employee Directory

Name Phone Email
Anderson, Ann M 919-707-0521 ann.anderson@osbm.nc.gov
Baldwin, Barbara Jean 919-807-4721 barbara.baldwin@osbm.nc.gov
Bondo, Mark A 919-807-4786 mark.bondo@osbm.nc.gov
Bowman, Amy L 919-807-4754 amy.bowman@osbm.nc.gov
Brueggemann, Adam Todd 919-807-4715 adam.brueggemann@osbm.nc.gov
Campbell, Sherrie Parrish 919-807-4700 sherrie.campbell@osbm.nc.gov
Cheek, Thomas Wilbert 919-807-4738 thomas.cheek@osbm.nc.gov
Coats, Robert Booker 919-807-4781 bob.coats@osbm.nc.gov
Conrad, Bryan Joseph 919-807-4762 bryan.conrad@osbm.nc.gov
Creech, Shannon Aaron 919-807-4710 shannon.creech@osbm.nc.gov
Crooke, Wriston Donald 919-807-4729 donald.crooke@osbm.nc.gov
Dickerson, Arnetha Ford 919-807-4708 arnetha.dickerson@osbm.nc.gov
Dickmeyer, Erin Elizabeth 919-807-4712 erin.dickmeyer@osbm.nc.gov
Diego, Allison Kathleen 919-807-4787 allison.diego@osbm.nc.gov
England, Angela Wilkins 919-733-7927 angela.england@osbm.nc.gov
Esealuka, Susie A 919-807-4745 susie.esealuka@osbm.nc.gov
Gagnon, John Charles 919-807-4775 john.gagnon@osbm.nc.gov
Gossage, Chloe Elizabeth 919-807-4771 chloe.gossage@osbm.nc.gov
Griffin, Angela Yvette 919-807-4727 angela.y.griffin@osbm.nc.gov
Grimsrud, Sarah E 919-807-4759 sarah.grimsrud@osbm.nc.gov
Grozav, Anca Elena 919-807-4740 anca.grozav@osbm.nc.gov
Hakizimana, Providence U 919-807-4748 providence.hakizimana@osbm.nc.gov
Hill, Regina L 919-807-4778 regina.hill@osbm.nc.gov
Kapsch, Christopher Joseph 919-807-4783 chris.kapsch@osbm.nc.gov
Kilpatrick, Pamela S 919-807-4722 pam.kilpatrick@osbm.nc.gov
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