For Grant Recipients

OSBM manages the state’s Grants Management System. The purpose of the system is to fulfil the required reporting requirements in State Rules (09 NCAC 03M) governing the reporting process for non-state entities receiving State financial assistance. The reporting is submitted directly to funding agencies, so grant recipients are not provided access to the Grants Management System. For questions on reporting, recipients should contact their funding agency.

If you are a grant recipient or an organization seeking a grant, please contact the individual state agency for assistance. Each agency is responsible for managing their grants and grant application processes. 

About Suspension of Funding

OSBM maintains the Suspension of Funding List (SOFL) for non-compliant grant recipients. Agencies shall not disburse any State financial assistance to an entity that is on the Suspension of Funding list. If you have a question about an entitiy on the Suspension of Funding List (SOFL), you will need to contact its funding agency for further instructions outstanding reporting requirements. The agency will need to notify OSBM to remove the entity from the SOFL.

About Open Budget

If you are looking for public information about grants, please visit OpenBudget. This site contains a database of agency-provided descriptive information about state-administered grant programs that disburse funds to non-state entities. OpenBudget also provides information on awarded grants and contracts. To access state grant opportunities, please go to OpenBudget and select state grants.