Strategic Partnerships Contacts

Contact us at:

Our Team

Eliza Edwards, Policy Analyst

Jenni Owen, Director of Strategic Partnerships

David Yokum, Senior Advisor

Program Support Specialist

Interns & Associates

Jessica Boyle, doctoral intern (summer 2020) 

Liam Miranda, graduate intern (summer/fall 2020) 

Ethan Saber, undergraduate intern (summer 2020)

Patience Wall, graduate intern (summer 2020)

Advisory Group

Fouad Abd-El-Khalick


School of Education, UNC-CH

Anita Brown-Graham


ncImpact, School of Government, UNC-CH

Emily Gangi

Policy Engagement Director

ncImpact, School of Government, UNC-CH

Kerry Haynie


Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity and Gender in the Social Sciences, Duke University

Dennis Kekas

Associate Vice Chancellor of Partnerships and Economic


NC State University

Neil Mastin

Research Manager

NC Dept. of Transportation

Jennifer Mundt

Senior Policy Advisor

NC Dept. of Environmental Quality

Margery Overton

Vice Provost for Academic Strategy

NC State University

Noah Pickus

Associate Provost and

Senior Advisor to the Provost

Duke University

Tonya Smith-Jackson

Senior Vice Provost for

Academic Affairs

NC A&T University

Don Taylor


Social Science Research Institute, Duke University

Jessie Tenenbaum

Chief Data Officer

NC Dept. of Health and Human Services

Ray Trapp

Director of External Affairs

NC A&T University

Kristin Walker

Deputy Director

NC Office of State Budget and Management

Jeff Warren

Executive Director

NC Policy Collaboratory, UNC-CH

David Yokum


The Policy Lab at Brown University

In addition to those listed above, the following individuals have been providing ongoing and critical guidance and support:

Jennifer Francis

Executive Vice Provost

Duke University

Don Hobart

Associate Vice Chancellor for Research

UNC-Chapel Hill

Kevin Howell

Vice Chancellor for External Affairs, Partnerships and Economic Development

NC State University