Collaboration on COVID-19 Response

The Strategic Partnerships office is engaged in collaborative efforts related to COVID-19 response. These range from providing information to the philanthropic sector, leading the establishment of the NC COVID-19 Response Corps, and conducting a statewide survey of the nonprofit sector. 

COVID-19 Survey of North Carolina Nonprofits

The Strategic Partnerships team initiated a collaboration with the NC Center for Nonprofits and the NC Secretary of State's Office on a survey to learn about nonprofit organizations' circumstances and needs during COVID-19. 

The survey, available in English and Spanish, was sent to more than 20,000 nonprofit email addresses provided by the Secretary of State's Office. It contained 35 quick response, matrix, and open response questions to better understand NC nonprofits' experiences during COVID-19. 

Over 2,000 people responded to the survey, which provided an informative picture of the NC nonprofit sector during COVID-19, including experiences, needs, gaps, and opporutnities. Philanthropy, government, researchers, and nonprofits themselves can use the results for a range of different purposes.

Click here for an analysis of the results, including a link to the publicly available dataset, which includes thousands of written responses to open ended questions.  

Click here for a compilation of resources for nonprofits and others responding to COVID-19. This list reflects common themes and questions that emerged from the survey responses. 

NC COVID-19 Student Response Corps

The Strategic Partnerships office initiated an effort to match students without summer internships or jobs due to COVID-19 with local government and nonprofit organizations in need of additional capacity due to COVID-19.

Partners in this effort include the UNC School of Government/Lead for NC, Hometown Strong, NC Association of County Commissioners, NC League of Municipalities, NC Rural Center, and NC colleges and universities.

As described in the press release, the NC COVID-19 Student Response Corps has placed more than 110 interns in positions across the state with many organizations still expressing interest in hosting an intern. Over 100 positions already have been filled through the Response Corps. Click here for current opportunities.

The UNC School of Government/Lead for NC hosted two days of training and education sessions to prepare interns for their placements. Speakers from institutions of higher education, nonprofits, and state government shared experience and expertise. More than 300 NC COVID-19 Response Corps interns and students from across NC participated in this opportunity. 

Strategic Partnerships and Lead for NC co-hosted a weekly speaker series for public service interns across NC. Speakers included NC Cabinet agency secretaries and leadership, the executive director of a statewide foundation, university career services directors, and representatives from statewide associations. 

Click here for recordings of the summer training and speaker series. These videos are a valuable resource for students and others interested in learning about North Carolina state and local government, nonprofit organizations, careers in public service, and philanthropy. 

COVID-19 Summary of Needs

The Strategic Partnerships team developed the "summary of needs" in response to requests from philanthropic organizations and others about COVID-19 related needs across North Carolina. It contains input from a range of government and nonprofit agencies and service providers.