North Carolina’s state government strives to have a culture of continuous improvement. That means  evaluating what we do and identifying the best data and evidence to conduct those evaluations. 

There are different tools state agencies can use to foster continuous improvement. Regardless of the approach used, the goal is ensuring state government continues to be a good steward of state resources while delivering effective services to North Carolinians.

Our Commitment

OSBM is a champion for using data and evidence to improve state government. This is directly related to our mission to provide objective information and analysis to ensure a balanced budget and effective stewardship of public resources. 

Our Roles


OSBM partners with state agencies where appropriate on operational excellence efforts. We can help an agency identify the best tool for an improvement project, lead or co-lead projects, provide facilitation and documentation, or simply offer an outside perspective on a process. To understand these partner projects, please see our Case Studies. 

Capacity Builder

OSBM builds operational excellence capacity through four ongoing efforts:

  • The Performance Management Academy  – Geared toward state employees who work to implement or manage policies and/or programs, the Academy covers performance management concepts and provides opportunities for practical application.  
  • The Performance Management Community of Practice – Representatives of state agencies, including graduates of the Performance Management Academy, participate in this group, sharing experiences and best practices and developing knowledge. 
  • The Performance Management Advisory Committee – Members of the Advisory Committee serve as advocates of the culture of continuous, measurable improvement in the state government as well as providing counsel on initiatives and policies designed to increase evidence-based decision making.  
  • The North Carolina Office of Strategic Partnerships –  The North Carolina Office of Strategic Partnerships develops, launches, and enhances partnerships between state government and North Carolina’s renowned research and philanthropic sectors. This includes elevating the state’s internal capacity to use and generate evidence in its policy and programmatic functions.