2023 Public Sector Virtual Conference: Navigating Today’s Risks and Opportunities


In this virtual conference participants will engage with subject matter experts in the public sector to explore current challenges and/or emerging topics relevant to the internal audit community. Participants will have the opportunity to explore practical applications to improve their auditing practices.

Opening Keynote: Innovation in Audit Practices
  • During the five conference sessions, attendees will engage, and..
  • Explore practical applications on how to include equity factors in auditing.
  • Uncover examples of the challenges, opportunities, and risks in key roles for public sector internal auditors related to current and upcoming topics, even without a formal policy to audit against.  
  • Learn where public sector auditors can start with ESG - exploring the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Discuss application of data analytics with the three lines model as it relates to government. 
  • Explore methods for applying agility and continuous auditing techniques in performance auditing. 
  • Examine ideas for upskilling your public sector internal audit team’s  skillset related to identifying risks, audit planning, and flexible and continuous auditing.