How to Create and Sustain an Ethics-Based Business Environment


There’s so much talk about ethics in business. The importance of the tone at the top, the Board’s role in setting the proper governance foundation, leading by example and other similar topics dominate written policies and periodic employee awareness sessions. Yet despite all of this, employees, managers and executives too often ignore the organization’s behavior rules and head off in a dangerous direction. In this session, we’ll cover how to translate ethics policies into real everyday business behaviors. You’ll come away with actionable ideas to strengthen your own or your client’s ethical business environment. Prepare your questions in advance and send them to



In this program, you'll benefit from learning how to create and sustain an ethics-based business environment. You’ll:

  • Explore how to align the tone at the top, middle and bottom of the organization
  • Recognize why managers and employees need real guidance on ethical questions – and how to provide it when it’s needed
  • Identify what executives and managers at all levels must do every day to create and sustain a real-world ethics-based business environment
  • Recognize the importance of transparency – How to make ‘When in Doubt, Talk it Out’ the default mode during moments of uncertainty
  • Explore how to make your ethics hotlines come alive and be trusted by all
  • Recognize why ethical principles without real accountability is a recipe for failure
  • Explore how to blend ethical practices right into existing quality control behaviors – so there’s no extra work involved


  • Audit and assurance professionals in internal auditing, governmental auditing and public accounting
  • Compliance professionals
  • CPAs and CAs in public practice, industry or education
  • Certified Fraud Examiners
  • Financial and executive leaders
  • Board members and their advisors in all organizations
  • Business owners
  • Leaders in all levels of government