Management Studies

As issues confronting state agencies continue to become more complex, there is a growing need for agency leaders to seek more effective methods for managing their areas of responsibility for both programmatic and business functions. The Management Section specializes in management analysis of state government agencies, including assessment of organizational structure, staffing, systems, processes, workload, and delivery and quality of services. The section seeks to identify those areas that need improvement, to clarify causes of inefficiencies, and to provide and recommend implementation of best business practices for each situation. Its mission is to identify opportunities to reform government, save tax dollars, and improve services. Work is initiated by voluntary agency requests, by legislation, or by the initiation of OSBM itself.

The section is also responsible for the following management reports required by statute:

Fee Reports NC G.S. 143C-9-4 mandates that state agencies, boards, and commissions submit a complete report of all funds received during the fiscal year for the use of a property, the provision of a service, or the exercise of a regulated privilege.
Personal Services Contracts NC G.S. 143-64.70 requires the Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM) and the Office of State Human Resources (OSHR) to report annually on the use of personal services contracts by State departments, agencies, institutions, and other State entities, that have annual expenditures greater than $25,000. This report is no longer mandated as of the 2015 Legislative session.
Miscellaneous Management Studies These reports cover a range of topics - from staffing analyses to internal audit reports, from statewide information technology studies to cost studies and information on housing programs.
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