2016 - 17 Budget Memos

Title Attachment? Date
Agencies - Cost Collection Worksheet memo Template 06-21-2017
Community Colleges - Cost Collection Worksheet memo Template 06-21-2017
Licensing Boards and Commissions - Cost Collection Worksheet memo Template 06-21-2017
Department of Revenue - Cost Collection Worksheet memo Template 06-21-2017
Human Resources/Payroll System Changes that Support Salary Control memo None 06-07-2017
Budget Guidelines for Closing FY 2016-17 memo Carryforward Request template 05-05-2017
Potential Federal Government Shutdown memo None 04-27-2017
Phase I - Common Sense Government memo None 03-27-2017
Budget Transparency Initiative Update memo None 03-20-2017
IRS Mileage Rate Change memo None 01-04-2017
Reset of Liability Limit on Noneconomic Damages for Medical Malpractice memo None 12-20-2016
FY 2015-16 Fee Report - Annual Collection memo None 12-07-2016
Budget Manual - Revised Reimbursement Policy for Personal Vehicle Use memo None 12-01-2016
Allocation of the Reserve for Future Benefit Needs memo None 11-09-2016
FY 2017 Lease Purchase Agreement memo Attachment 10-13-2016
Curtailment of Non-Essential Travel Lifted memo None 09-27-2016
Curtailment of Non-Essential Travel memo None 09-19-2016
Guidance on Elimination of Vacant Positions memo None 09-14-2016
Comp, Merit Bonus, and Bonus Leave memo None 09-08-2016
FY 2017 - 19 Budget Instructions memo Instructions document
Appendices and Attachments page
Additional Grant Monitoring Guidance memo 2016 Grant Monitoring FAQ
2016 Grant Monitoring Guidance
FY 2016-17 Repair and Renovation Requests memo None 08-22-2016
Disposition of Funds Process memo Requisition Schedule
Summary of Provisions in the 2016 Appropriations Act memo None 08-04-2016
Strategic Planning Guidelines memo Strategic Planning Guidance
Strategic/IT Planning Template
2016 Legislative Increase Instructions memo None 07-15-2016
Carryforward Procedures for FY 2015-16 memo OSC FRU - Carryforward Procedures 07-15-2016
Revised Rules for State Awards to Non-State Entities memo Comparison 07-12-2016

2015 - 16 Budget Memos