2015 - 17 Budget Instructions

The following budget instructions are to be used in the preparation of 2015-17 biennial budget requests from departments and agencies for submission to the Governor as Director of the Budget. Included in the list below is the complete budget instruction package, as well as the attachments, in Excel or Word format, for agency use in completing the budget submission. Only those attachments that require agency completion are listed separately below. You will find the complete list of attachments in the budget instructions document itself.

Budget Instructions
Instructions for Preparation of the 2015-17 Recommended State Budget
Memorandum Regarding Instructions for Preparation of the 2015-17 Recommended State Budget
App 3-1: Checklist for 2015-17 Continuation Budget Requests (word)
App 3-2: Budgeted Codes Report (RK221) (excel)
App 3-3: WS1 Reference Document (excel)
App 7-1: Strategic Planning Guidelines (word)
Attach. 3-1: Annualization Schedule - blank (excel)
Attach. 3-2a: Building Office Lease Schedule - blank
Attach. 4-1: Summary List of Expansion Requests (Excel)
Attach. 4-2: Summary List of Reduction Options (Excel)
Attach. 4-3: Building Reserve Annualization Schedule - blank (excel)
Attach. 4-4a: Equipment Purchase Schedule- blank (excel)
Attach. 4-4b: Licensed Motor Vehicle Purchase Schedule - blank (excel)
Attach. 4-4c: Other Vehicle Purchase Schedule - blank (excel)
Attach. 6-1: Worksheet III-C Summary (excel)
Attach. 6-2: Worksheet III-C Request (excel)
Attach. 6-3: Worksheet III-C NGF Summary (excel)
Attach. 6-4: Worksheet III-R Summary (excel)
Attach. 6-5: Worksheet III-R Repair & Renovation Request (excel)
Attach. 6-6: Worksheet III-R NGF Summary (excel)
Attach. 8-1: Worksheet III-C Summary (excel)

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