2007 - 08 Budget Memos

Title Attachment? Date
Change in IRS Mileage Rate and the Allowable Rate
of Reimbursement
No 06-26-2008
Changes in Motor Fleet Mileage Rates Effective July 1, 2008 No 06-06-2008
State Budget Manual Update Yes 05-28-2008
Budget Guidelines for Closing Fiscal Year 2007-08 Yes 05-09-2008
Summary of Administrative Rules Affecting Local Governments and
Schedule of Anticipated Administrative Rule Actions
Yes 03-20-2008
OSBM Worksite Wellness Policy No 03-12-2008
Budget Manual Revision: Information Technology Budget Policy Yes 01-30-2008
Change in IRS Mileage Rate No 12-20-2007
Budget Preparation Instructions, 2008-09 Yes 12-18-2007
New State Tort Claims Limit No 12-10-2007
Fee Data Collection, 2006-07 No 11-27-2007
Results-Based Budgeting Instructions, 2009-11 Yes 11-16-2007
Community Resource Information System (CRIS) Reporting
Requirements for Grants to Non State Entities
No 11-14-2007
Establish Budgets for All Governmental and Proprietary Funds No 11-07-2007
Questions and Concerns to Internal Audit Council No 10-29-2007
Implementation of Internal Audit Act No 10-26-2007
State Budget Manual Update Yes 10-24-2007
General Provisions and Statewide Reserves
in HB1473 (Budget Bill), 2007 Session
No 08-08-2007
Agency Repair and Renovation Requests for FY 2007-08 No 08-03-2007
Cover Memo Revised State Budget Manual No 07-02-2007
Revised State Budget Manual No 07-02-2007
Continuing Budget Authority for the 2007-08 Fiscal Year No 06-29-2007
New Process for Budgeting Appropriated Information Technology Projects No 06-29-2007