Statewide IT Projects

IT Expansion Requests

Each year as part of the budget process, agencies can submit budget expansion requests related to IT. Along with the Worksheet II that is submitted to OSBM, agencies must also submit the request to the SCIO for his/her approval through the PPM Tool. The process is outlined here. Once the SCIO reviews the requests, his/her recommendations are sent to OSBM. OSBM takes that information into consideration when making recommendations to the Governor as part of the budget preparation process.

Information Technology Consolidation

OSBM and ITS jointly manage a pilot project involving the consolidation of IT infrastructure across agencies. More information can be found at the project website.

Contractor Conversion

OSBM is currently reviewing agency requests to convert IT contractors to permanent positions based on the guidelines set forth in Session Law 2011-145. Agencies should use our request form.

OSBM is also working with the Statewide IT Procurement Office in reviewing Contractor Extension requests based on guidelines stipulated in Session Law 2011-145. These requests should be submitted to the Statewide IT Procurement Office.

Statewide Contracts

The state has entered into a variety of Enterprise License Agreements and statewide IT contracts that allow the state to benefit from the economies of scale associated with high volume consumption. These licenses and contracts are available for agency use.

Should you have any questions concerning the above materials or the responsibilities of the OSBM in information technology oversight please contact:

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