Capital and Repair & Renovation

The Infrastructure Section of OSBM is responsible for the long term planning, budgeting, and financing of the state’s capital assets including buildings, real property, and non-highway infrastructure.

A six-year capital plan is prepared in which current and future capital needs are evaluated using objective criteria, and high priority projects are scheduled according to the state’s projected fiscal resources and recommended debt limits.

Once the General Assembly authorizes a capital budget, the section is tasked with ensuring that authorized capital projects are implemented consistent with the legislation, and that emergency capital projects are addressed when the General Assembly is out of session.

Debt issuances used to fund capital projects are managed to ensure that debt sales are efficiently timed to meet projected cash flows while minimizing the State’s interest liability. Contact

Clients – Other OSBM sections, Governor’s staff, Cabinet and Council of State agencies, universities, community colleges, the General Assembly, and citizens.

Staff – Staff members have advanced degrees, experience in the development and administration of governmental budgets and knowledge of project management, planning, and construction.

Staff assignments are grouped by state agency and there is frequent coordination with agency staff, fiscal research staff, and other management and operating budget analysts in OSBM.