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2019 - 21 Budget Instructions - Capital Budget

Capital Improvement Plan and Budget

Capital projects, such as land acquisitions, new construction, rehabilitation of existing facilities, and repairs and renovations, are submitted as part of the six-year Capital Improvement Plan and Capital Improvement Budget. The Capital Improvement Budget are items required for agencies to continue to operate and deliver current and new services in the next six years.

The Capital Improvement Plan consists of two components. The first is the statutorily required needs estimate of capital projects required by the State Agencies to operate and provide current and expected services over the next six years. The second component takes the six-year needs estimate and programs those projects out over a six-year schedule that may reasonably be completed by each agency, assuming funds are available.

Once both items are completed and analyzed, the State can assess the deficiency between the needs of the agencies, deliverable projects, and available funds. The State can then take steps to address deficiencies by exploring other alternatives, such as leased space.

Capital Budget Process

The Worksheet III process is used to develop the 2019-25 Capital Improvement Plan, with the first two years of the plan guiding the 2019-25 Governor’s Recommended Capital Improvement Budget. Both the Capital Improvement Plan and the Capital Improvement Budget are submitted to the General Assembly at the beginning of the 2019 session in January. One-time major equipment purchases must be requested in the operating expansion budget (for more information, reference the Expansion Request Job Aid).

The Capital Improvement (Worksheet III) form in IBIS is designed to assist OSBM with preparing the six-year Capital Improvement Plan in accordance with G.S. 143C-8-5. Refer to the New Capital Projects Job Aid, Repairs and Renovations Job Aid and the Worksheet III User Guides (Capital) and (R&R) for further assistance. OSBM will conduct meetings with each agency to gain a better understanding of capital requests.

Worksheet III forms and all required attachments must be submitted to your OSBM analyst on or before November 30, 2018.

Capital Budget Job Aids

Change Job Aid: Capital - New Capital Project Request
Change Job Aid: Capital - Repairs and Renovations