2018 - 19 Budget Memos

Title Attachment? Date
Continuing Budget Authority for FY 2019-20 memo None 06-27-2019
2019-21 Travel Subsistence Rate Changes memo None 06-20-2019
Social Services and Child Welfare Reform Reports memo CSF Tranmittal Letter
Final Report - Social Services Reform Plan
Final Report - Child Welfare Reform Plan
Closeout Guidance for SFY 2018-19 memo SFY 2018-19 Carryforward Job Aid
Template - State Agency and University Carryforward Request
Operating Budget Code Closeout Job Aid
Capital Budget Code Closure Job Aid
Budget Code Closure Request Form
Closeout Kickoff Presentation
Summary of 2018 Hurricane Florence Legislation memo Summary Spreadsheet 03-19-2018
2017-18 Fee Report memo Fee Report Contacts spreadsheet 01-11-2018
Budget Manual Updates: IRS Mileage Rates memo None 01-03-2019
Potential Federal Government Shutdown memo None 12-20-2018
Hurricane Florence Budget Reporting Guidelines memo HFDRF Request for Funds template 11-05-2018
Hurricane Florence Damage and Needs Assessment memo None 09-28-2018
Hurricane Florence Prep memo None 09-13-2018
2019-21 Budget Instructions memo Budget Instructions - Summary 09-10-2018
Social Service and Child Welfare Reform memo Social Services Reform - Preliminary Plan
Child Welfare Reform - Preliminary Plan
Strategic Planning for the 2019-21 Biennium memo Strategic Planning Guidance
Template for the 2019-21 Biennium
Summary of General Provisions for the Appropriations Act of 2018 memo None 07-18-2018
State Budget Manual Updates memo None 07-02-2018