2015 - 17 Governor's Recommended Budget

North Carolina State Budget, 2015 - 17
  Governor's Recommended Budget
Note: This file includes technical corrections made after the original printed document was distributed.
Summary of Base Budget and Fund Descriptions (Fund Purpose Statements), 2015 - 17
  Education - Line Item Detail (PDF - Excel)
  General Government - Line Item Detail (PDF - Excel)
  Health and Human Services - Line Item Detail (PDF - Excel)
  Justice and Public Safety - Line Item Detail (PDF - Excel)
  Natural and Economic Resources - Line Item Detail (PDF - Excel)
  Transportation - Line Item Detail (PDF - Excel)
  Statewide - Line Item Detail (PDF - Excel)
Budget Presentations, 2015 - 17
  OSBM's Presentation of the Governor's Budget to the Legislature (PDF)
Note: the Adobe Acrobat PDF files that contain the North Carolina State Budget are very large and it may take a while for them to display on your computer. Also, you may need to download the latest version of the Acrobat Reader for the Budget to display properly. You may download this free reader by clicking here.
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