State Government Statistical Contacts




Population and Housing

Aging/Older and/or Disabled Adults DHHS/AGE Swarna Reddy 919-855-3442
Decennial Census: Data CR/ST LIB Staff 919-807-7450
Maps CR/ST LIB Staff 919-807-7450
Data Extraction GOV/OSBM Bob Coats 919-807-4781
Population Estimates/Projections GOV/OSBM Jennifer Song 919-807-4756
Veterans ADM/VA Jeff Smith 919-807-4267

Vital and Health Statistics

Birth Defects DHHS/PH Bob Meyer 919-733-4728
Births, Deaths, Marriages, Abortions, Divorces, Pregnancies DHHS/SCHS Staff 919-733-4728
Cancer DHHS/SCHS Chandrika Rao 919-715-4574
Child Fatality DHHS/MEO Elyssa Trani 919-743-9000
Communicable Diseases DHHS/EPID Evelyn Foust 919-733-9490
Decennial Census: Data CR/ST LIB Staff 919-807-7450
Epidemiology DHHS/EPID Karen Knight 919-715-7472
Eye Care DHHS/BLIND SERV Lin Taliaferro 919-733-9744
Health Professions Data UNC/SCHSR Katie Gaul 919-966-6529
Immunization DHHS/WOMEN & CHILD Wendy Holmes 919-707-5551
Industrial Injuries COMM/IC Staff 919-807-2506
Medical Care Facilities DHHS/HSR Staff 919-855-3865
Medical Examiners Database DHHS/MEO Carol Ludwig 919-743-9000
Occupational Injury & Illness Data (OSHA/BLS Survey) LAB/R&P Staff 919-733-2758
Occupational Safety & Health Data (all other) LAB/OSHA Anne Weaver 919-807-2950
Psychiatric Hospitals DHHS/MH/DD/SAS Thelma Hayter 919-733-4460
Radioactive Material DHHS/RP Lee Cox 919-814-2252
Tanning DHHS/RP Amy Sawyer 919-814-2277
X-Ray and Mammography DHHS/RP Jenny Rollins 919-814-2326
Radiological Emergency Response DHHS/RP William Jeffries 919-814-2271
Workplace Fatalities LAB/OSHA LAB/OSHA Karen Bogner 919-807-2952

Social and Human Services

Child Day Care Facilities DHHS/CD Grady Stephenson 919-743-8241
Decennial Census: Data CR/ST LIB Staff 919-807-7450
Medicaid DHHS/MEDICAL ASST James Campbell 919-855-4233
Mental Health/Development Disabilities DHHS/MH/DD/SAS Thelma Hayter 919-733-4460
Services for the Blind DHHS/BLIND SERV Cynthia Speight 919-733-9822
Social Services/Public Assistance DHHS/SOC SERV Hank Bowers 919-733-4530
Soliciting Organizations DHHS/HSR Jeff Horton 919-855-3757
Substance Abuse DHHS/MH/DD/SAS Thelma Hayter 919-733-4460
Vocational Rehabilitation DHHS/VOC REHAB Elizabeth Bishop 919-855-3566


Community College Enrollment CC/ADMIN Rick Bundy 919-807-7023
Decennial Census: Data CR/ST LIB Staff 919-807-7450
Drop Outs PI/IAS Karl Pond 919-807-3241
Higher Education (Chapel Hill) UNC/GA Kate Henz 919-962-2228
Higher Education Facilities (Chapel Hill) UNC/GA Jeff Hill 919-962-4569
Non-Public School Enrollment ADM/NPE David Mills 919-733-4276
Public School Enrollment PI/FBS Sandra Johnson 919-807-3737
Public School Transportation PI/FBS Derek Graham 919-807-3571
School Lunch Program PI/FBS Lynn Hoggard Harvey 919-807-3507
Testing: High School, End-of-Course PI/IAS Iris Garner 919-807-3425
Competency PI/IAS Iris Garner 919-807-3425
Grades 3-8, End-of-Grade PI/IAS Nancy Carolan 919-807-3781
Writing and Computer Skills PI/IAS Nancy Carolan 919-807-3781
SAT PI/IAS Jaime Kelley 919-807-3802

Law Enforcement, Courts, and Corrections

Court Activities JUD/AOC Patrick Tamer 919-890-1279
Crimes JUS/SBI Tim Parker 919-662-4500
Highway Patrol Activities CC&PS/HP Staff 919-733-7952
Prison Population: Probationers/Parolees CORR/ADM Cara Stevens 919-733-4080
Juvenile Court Data, Youth Development Centers, Juvenile Detention Centers, Community Programs DJJDP   919-733-5027

Environment, Recreation, and Cultural Resources

Air Pollution (Emissions)s DENR/AQ Tammy Manning 919-707-8717
Air Quality (Ambient) DENR/AQ Donnie Redmond 919-707-8468
Geographic Information DENR/CGIA Jeff Brown 919-754-6584
Ground Water DENR/WQ Susan Massengale 919-807-6359
Hazardous Waste DENR/WM Ray Strawbridge 919-707-8200
Historic Sites: Attendance CR/ARCH & HIST Thom Rhodes 919-733-7862 Ext. 243
Libraries CR/ST LIB Jennifer Pratt 919-807-7415
Marine Fisheries (Morehead City) DENR/MF Don Hesselman 252 -726-7021
Outdoor Recreation DENR/PARKS & REC Bayard Alcorn 919-707-9358
Radiation DHHS/RP Lee Cox 919-814-2252
State Parks DENR/PARKS & REC Mike Murphy 919-707-9333
Symphony CR/NCS Robert Schiller 919-789-5490
Travel and Tourism COMM/T Marlise Taylor 919-447-7748
Water Quality DENR/WQ Susan Massengale 919-807-6359
Wildlife DENR/WRC Janice Underwood 919-707-0111
Zoological Park (Asheboro) DENR/NCZP Gavin Johnson 336-879-7202

Energy and Utilities

Decennial Census: Data CR/ST LIB Staff 919-807-7450
Energy DENR/E Enass Wahby 919-707-9242
Rural Electric and Telephone Membership Corporations COMM/REA Frances Liles 919-733-7513
Utilities: Electric, Gas, and Telephone COMM/UC Pat Jeter 919-733-0832


Appropriations to Non-State Entities GOV/OSBM Arnetha Dickerson 919-807-4708
Bonds TRES/SLGF Vance Holloman 919-807-2351
Capital Improvements GOV/OSBM Thomas Cheek 919-807-4738
Cash Management TRES/SLGF Sharon Edmundson 919-807-2380
Census of Governments CR/ST LIB Staff 919-807-7450
Powell Bill, Allocations TRAN/HWYS David Tyeryar 919-707-4320
Retirement Systems TRES/RET Don Perry 919-508-5377
Escheat Fund TRES/ADM SERV Brenda Williams 919-508-5177
Revenue: General Fund Projections GOV/OSBM Nathan Knuffman 919-807-4728
State Budget GOV/OSBM Thomas Cheek 919-807-4738
Tax Statistics REV/TR Amelia Bryan 919-754-2567
Veterans Affairs Expenditures ADM/VA Jeff Smith 919-807-4267
Voter Registration BOE/A Jacque Blaeske 919-733-7173

Employment and Income

Census of Governments CR/ST LIB Staff 919-807-7450
Child Labor Certification LAB/WH Valentine Eucare, III 910-372-3413
Current Population Survey GOV/OSBM Bob Coats 919-807-4781
Decennial Census: Data CR/ST LIB Staff 919-807-7450
Economic Development Data COM/BI Tiffany McNeill 919-447-7741
Employment: State Government Agencies GOV/OSBM Brandon James 919-807-4754
Employment: State Government Average Salaries OSP/ECC Margaret Jordan 919-807-4849
Labor Force: Employment and Wages; Industrial and Occupational Projections; Insured Employment and Wages COMM/ESC Staff 919-715-5999
Personal Income CR/ST LIB Staff 919-807-7450

Business and Industry

Alcoholic Beverage Permits COMM/ABC Tami Clifton 919-779-0700
Alcoholic Beverage Sales COMM/ABC Michael C. Herring 919-779-0700
Banks COMM/BC Ray Grace 919-733-3016
Credit Unions COMM/CU Mitchell L. Myers 919-571-4888
Economic Censuses CR/ST LIB Staff 919-807-7450
Industrial Recruitment COMM/BI Tiffany McNeill 919-447-7741
Insurance INS/ADM Melissa Evans 919-807-6046
New/Proposed/Expanding Industry COMM/LEAD Synophia Tate 919-707-1573


Agriculture AGRIC/STAT Dee Webb 919-856-4394
Census of Agriculture AGRIC/STAT Dee Webb 919-856-4394
Feed AGRIC/FDP Jennifer Godwin 919-733-7366
Forest Products DENR/FR Tom James 919-857-4819
Market Reports AGRIC/MKT Dee Webb 919-856-4394


Airports, Airlines, Aircrafts, Pilots TRAN/A Bobby Walston 919-814-0550
Decennial Census: Data CR/ST LIB Staff 919-807-7450
Drivers Licenses TRAN/MV Brian Smith 919-861-3019
Highway Construction and Maintenance Expenditures TRAN/HWYS Calvin Leggett 919-733-2031
Highways: Public Road Mileages, State Maintained Systems TRAN/HWYS Hardee Cox 919-212-6060
Highways: Traffic, Vehicle Class, Origin and Destination, Weigh-in-Motion TRAN/HWYS Kent L. Taylor 919-212-4550
Revenue: Highway Fund Projections TRANS/HWYS Rick Norris 919-707-4318
Size and Weight Enforcement for Commercial Motor Vehicles; Weight Stations PUBSAF/SHP Allen Hook 919-715-8683
Household Goods and Passenger Carriers COMM/UC Nicholas Jeffries 919-733-4036
Safety Inspections and Safety/Emissions Inspections TRAN/MV Brian Smith 919-861-3019
Traffic Records, Accidents TRAN/MV Pam Guptill 919-861-3689
Vehicle Registration TRAN/MV Portia Manley 919-861-3180


ADM/NPE Administration, Non-Public Education
ADM/VA Administration, Veterans Affairs
AGRIC/FDP Agriculture and Consumer Services, Food and Drug Protection
AGRIC/MKT Agriculture and Consumer Services, Marketing
AGRIC/STAT Agriculture and Consumer Services, Statistics
BOE/A Board of Elections, Administrative
CC/ADMIN Community Colleges, Administration
COMM/ABC Commerce, Alcoholic Beverage Control
COMM/BC Commerce, Banking Commission
COMM/BI Commerce, Business and Industry
COMM/ESC Commerce, Employment Security Commission
COMM/IC Commerce, Industrial Commission
COMM/LEAD Commerce, Labor and Economic Analysis Division
COMM/REA Commerce, Rural Electrification Authority
COMM/CU Commerce, Credit Union
COMM/T Commerce, Tourism
COMM/UC Commerce, Utilities Commission
CORR/ADM Correction, Administration
CC&PS/HP Crime Control & Public Safety, Highway Patrol
CR/ARCH & HIST Cultural Resources, Archives and History
CR/NCS Cultural Resources, North Carolina Symphony
CR/ST LIB Cultural Resources, State Library
DENR/AQ Environment and Natural Resources, Air Quality
DENR/CGIA Environment and Natural Resources, Center for Geographic Information and Analysis
DENR/EMER MGT Environment and Natural Resources, Emergency Management
DENR/FR Environment and Natural Resources, Forest Resources
DENR/MF Environment and Natural Resources, Marine Fisheries
DENR/NCZP Environment and Natural Resources, North Carolina Zoological Park
DENR/PARKS & REC Environment and Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation
DENR/WM Environment and Natural Resources, Waste Management
DENR/WQ Environment and Natural Resources, Water Quality
DENR/WRC Environment and Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Commission
GOV/OSBM Office of the Governor, Office of State Budget and Management
DHHS/AGE Health and Human Services, Aging
DHHS/BLIND SERV Health and Human Services, Blind Services
DHHS/CD Health and Human Services, Child Development
DHHS/EPID Health and Human Services, Human Ecology and Epidemiology
DHHS/HSR Health and Human Services, Health Service Regulation
DHHS/MEDICAL ASST Health and Human Services, Medical Assistance
DHHS/MEO Health and Human Services, Medical Examiner's Office
DHHS/MH/DD/SAS Health and Human Services, Mental Health, Development Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services
DHHS/SCHS Health and Human Services, State Center for Health Statistics
DHHS/PH Health and Human Services, Public Health
DHHS/RP Health and Human Services, Radiation Protection
DHHS/SOC SERV Health and Human Services, Social Services
DHHS/VOC REHAB Health and Human Services, Vocational Rehabilitation
DHHS/WOMEN & CHILD Health and Human Services, Women and Children's Health
INS/ADM Insurance, Administration
INS/ENG Insurance, Engineering
JJ Juvenile Justice
JUD/AOC Judicial, Administrative Office of the Courts
JUS/SBI Justice, State Bureau of Investigation
LAB/R&P Labor, Research & Policy
LAB/OSHA Labor, Occupational Safety and Health
LAB/CFOI Labor, Census of Fatal Occupational Injury
LAB/WH Labor, Wage and Hour
OSP/ECC Office of State Personnel, Employment, Classification and Compensation
PI/IAS Public Instruction, Instructional and Accountability Services
PI/CS Public Instruction, Community Services
PI/FBS Public Instruction, Financial and Business Services
PI/EP Public Instruction, Effective Practices
PUBSAF/SHP Public Safety, State Highway Patrol
REV/TR Revenue, Tax Research
TRAN/A Transportation, Aviation
TRAN/HWYS Transportation, Highways
TRAN/MV Transportation, Motor Vehicles
TRES/ADM SERV Treasurer, Administrative Services
TRES/RET Treasurer, Retirement Systems
TRES/SLGF Treasurer, State and Local Government Finance
UNC/GA University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, General Administration
UNC/SCHSR University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Sheps Center for Health Services Research
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